A Shipwrecked Sailor Class 9 Question Answer (PDF)

a shipwrecked sailor class 9 question answer : Daniel Defoe (1660 -1731) was an English writer and journalist. He is most famous for his novel Robinson Crusoe. A prolific and versatile writer, Defoe is also known for pamphlets and journals on various topics.

The following text is adapted from a section of Daniel Defoe’s famous novel ‘Robinson Crusoe; and tells us how Crusoe, after being shipwrecked found himself on a dismal island. Is also gives us an inspiring account of how he makes the island habitable with his hard work.

a shipwrecked sailor class 9 question answer

Exercise 1 : Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:
1. Robinson Crusoe from the given alternatives:
(a) 1959
(b) 1559
(c) 1359
(d) 1959
Ans: (a) 1959

2. Robinson Crusoe used to make a
(a) bed
(b) sail
(c) tent
(d) curtain
Ans: (c) tent

3. The distance between the stakes Robinson Crusoe drove into the ground was
(a) five inches
(b) seven inches
(c) four inches
(d) six inches
Ans: (d) six inches

4. Crusoe saw fair weather in the month of
(a) December
(b) November
(c) September
(d) October
Ans: (b) November

5. The journey with fruit parcel took Crusoe
(a) five days
(b) ten days
(c) three days
(d) four days
Ans: (c) three days

Exercise 2 : Answer following question fifteen words:
(1) What name did Crusoe give to the dismal island?
Ans: The name Crusoe gave to the dismal island was the island of Despair.

(2) Where did he pitch the tent?
Ans: He pitched his tent on the flat green surface just before the below the before the hollow on the hill.

(3) How did Cruse go over the fence?
Ans: Crusoe went over fence by using a short ladder.

(4) Why did he keep a journey?
Ans: He kept a journal to record the details of his everyday affairs in the island.

Exercise 3 : Answer the following questions twenty five words :
(1) Where were the items Robinson Crusoe collected from the wrecked ship?
Ans: From the wreck Robinson Crusoe rescued some, cable, string, a knife, nails, a gun, a hammock, some canvas, some paper and ink and some money.

(2) How did Crusoe keep track of the number of days he spent on the island?
Ans: Crusoe had cut with his knife upon a large post, the date of his landing, thereafter he put a notch with his knife for everyday.

(3) In what way did Crusoe make himself a lamp?
Ans: Crusoe collected a little tallow and small clay dish. To this he added a wick, in this way he made himself a lamp.

Exercise 4 : Underline the adverbs and state their kinds:
(a) It is too hot today.
Ans: Adverb of Time

(b) The girl seldom visits my house.
Ans: Adverb of Frequency

(c) He searched everywhere for the book.
Ans: Adverb of place

(d) The boy runs fast.
Ans: Adverb of Manner

Exercise 5 : Underline the causes in the following in the following sentence and state what kind clauses they are:
(a) She asked me my name was.
Ans: What my name was – Noun clauses.

(b) He is friend who was always helped me.
Ans: Who has always helped me – adjective clause?

(c) Please enter the room when you are asked to.
Ans: When you are asked to – Adverb clause.

(d) That he will win is known to us.
Ans: That he will win – Noun clause.

Exercise 6 : Identify the following sentences as simple, complex and compound:
(a) They predicted that it would rain. (complex)
(b) The weather being fine, the children went out to play. (simple)
(c) Ravi woke up early but he could not reach school on time. (compound)
(d) Finishing his work, my father returned home. (simple)

Exercise 7 : Do as directed:
(a) Tatar hoped to do well in the examination. (change into a complex sentence)
Ans: Tatar hoped that he will do well in the examination.

(b) The Headmistress arrived and the meeting began. (change into a complex sentence)
Ans: When the Headmistress arrived, the meeting began.

(c) Ayesha was surprised when she heard the news. (change into a simple sentence)
Ans: Hearing the news Ayesha was surprised.

(d) You must work hard to be successful in life. (change into a compound sentence).
Ans: You must work hard and you will be successful in life.

Exercise 8 : You had been ill for three days. Write a letter to the Headmaster/ Headmistress of your school seeking leave of absence for those days.


The Headmistress
Little Flower Convent
Kolkatta – 799393

Sub : Leave of absence
I’m Arun Bose from class IX B of your school. I’m writing this letter to inform you that I had been ill for three days and couldn’t attend classes. I’m completely fine to come to school now and carry on with the further study.

I request you to kindly grant me leave for the absent days. I have attached a Xerox of medical certificate.
Yours sincerely
Arun Bose
Shanti Vihar
Shanti Kunj nagar
Kolkatta – 288924

Exercise 9 : You want to visit a tourist spot during the puja vacation. Write a letter within 100 words to the manager of a hotel enquiring about the availability of rooms, cost involved and sites to be seen.

The Manager
Balaji Sarovar Premier

Sub : Enquiry for the booking

I, Paritosh Basu, with my family am planning to visit Mahabaleshwar during Puja vacation i.e. in October. I got to know about your hotel from my uncle who stayed at your hotel during his conference last year. He highly recommended me your hotel. I also had a look at your hotel photos on Google and would like to stay in your hotel. I want to know the availability of rooms for 6 members and its cost for per day stay. Also it would be great if you suggest some sites along with that since it is our first time to visit. We are planning to visit in the second week of October.
So kindly let us know all the details as soon as possible.

In anticipation
Thanking you
Yours faithfully,
Paritosh Basu
Sector 12, Near Gold Gym, Kolkatta – 74794.

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