The Price of Bananas Class 9 Question Answer (PDF)

the price of bananas class 9 question answer : Mulk Raj Anand (1905 -2004) was a prolific writer who earned great admiration for his short stories and novels like ‘Coolie’, ‘Untouchable’, ‘The Village’, etc. where he depicted the lives of the poorer castes in traditional Indian society.

This text, an abridged version of his story of the same name, presents an apparently funny situation where a businessman has his beloved cap seized by a monkey, and finally gets it back by offering the offending monkey a bunch of bananas. Though the tone of the story is lighthearted, the author notes with sad concern the unkind and unjust behavior of the businessman towards the poor fruit-vendor who had helped him to get back his cap.

the price of bananas class 9 question answer

Exercise 1 : Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:
1. The author was on his way from Faizabad railway station to
(a) Delhi
(b) Kolkata
(c) Lucknow
(d) Ahmedabad
Ans: (c) Lucknow

2. From the water pump the passengers were filing up their
(a) water bottles
(b) earthen pitchers
(c) brass jugs
(d) steel buckets
Ans: (b) earthen pitchers

3. The gentlemen who came up to the author’s compartment looked like a
(a) businessman
(b) doctor
(c) teacher
(d) postman
Ans: (a) businessman

4. The prince vendor asked for the bananas was
(a) two annas
(b) four annas
(c) six annas
(d) eight annas
Ans: (a) two annas

5. The author drew the cartoon of
(a) fruit vendor
(b) monkey
(c) porter
(d) Sethji
Ans: (d) Sethji

Exercise 2 : Answer the following question within fifteen words:
(1) Where did the young monkeys sit?
Ans: The young monkeys sat on the boughs of neem and tamarind tree.

(2) What did the monkey do to the loin cloth of the pious person?
Ans: The monkeys snatched away the loin cloth of the pious person while he was bathing.

(3) What did Sethji’s luggage include?
Ans: Sethji’s luggage include a big steel trunk, several small baskets and a brass jug.

(4) Why, accordingly to the fruit vendor, were the monkeys disturbing the passengers?
Ans: According to the fruit vendor, the monkeys were disturbing the passengers because they were hungry.

Exercise 3 : Answer the following question within twenty-five words:
(1) What was the business wearing?
Ans: The businessman wore a white muslin dhoti, a delicate tunic and an embroidered cap on his head.

(2) What did the monkey do after accepting the fruit vendor’s bargain?
Ans: After accepting the fruit vendor’s bargain, the monkey took over the bananas with his right hand and released the embroidered cap, slightly crumpled with its left hand.

(3) How did the whole amusing episode end?
Ans: Sethji was unjustifiably hard to the generous-hearted fruit-vendor. So, the whole amusing episode ended in a bitter sense of grievance against him.

Exercise 4 : Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles and prepositions:
(a) ____ sun rises in the east.
Ans: The sun rises in the east.

(b) The dog jumped ____ the log.
Ans: The dog jumped over the log.

(c) I love to watch ____ one-day match.
Ans: I love to watch a one-day match.

(d) ____ a pen, Tiya also has an eraser.
Ans: Besides a pen, Tiya also has an eraser.

Exercise 5 : Change the voice of the following sentence:
(a) Mr. Khan is known to me.
Ans: I know Mr. Khan.

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(b) Trina had composed a poem.
Ans: A poem had been composed by trina.

(c) I will always remember you.
Ans: You will always be remembered by me.

(d) They have made the president of the club.
Ans: He has been made the president of the club by them.

Exercise 6 : Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the given verbs brackets:
(a) They ____ their puja vacation in the hills. (spend)
Ans: They have spent their puja vacation in the hills.

(b) We ____ in this city for over ten years. (live)
Ans: We have been living in this city for over ten years.

(c) I ____ just ____ reading the book. (finish)
Ans: I have just finished reading the book.

(d) The project ____ by June next year. (complete)
Ans: The project will be completed by June next year.

Exercise 7 : Change the mode of narration in the following sentences:
(a) Rahul said,” Alas! Brazil has lost the match.”
Ans: Rahul exclaimed with sorrow that Brazil has lost the match.

(b) “Let us go for a walk,” said Shabnam to Chandni.
Ans: Shabnam proposed to Chandni that they should go for a walk.

(c) “Good morning, madam,” said the students to the teacher.
Ans: Addressing madam, the students said good morning to the teacher.

(d) My father said to me, “Do not pluck flowers.”
Ans: My father advised me not to pluck flowers.

Exercise 8 : Write a story in about 100 words using the given hints. Give a suitable title to the story:
Hints: two cats find a piece of bread-fight over it-monkey arrives-decides to settle the dispute-monkey breaks the bread into two-uneven size-eats a portion from the larger share-dispute continues-monkey eats both pieces of bread


Two Foolish Cats and a Clever Monkey

Once upon a time there lived two cats. They were good friends. One day, they were wandering in search of food. Suddenly they found a piece of bread on the road. Both of them were very hungry and decided to break it into two equal pieces. But the pieces were not equal. so they fought over it. Then a monkey was passing by. He arrived there and decided to settle the dispute. The cats also agreed to his proposal. so he broke the bread into two positions. But the two portions of the bread were uneven in size. So, he took a large bite from the larger portion or the bread. So that position became smaller than the other. None of the cats agreed to take the piece. So the dispute continued. Again the monkey told them that he would make the other piece equal by taking a bite out of it. In that manner, the clever monkey ate both the pieces of bread and went away from there.

Moral: Two fight, a third person gains.

Exercise 9 : Using the following points write a paragraph in about 100 words on how your locality looks like at dawn:
Points : your place of stay-early morning sky-description of the nature around-sounds that are heard-reasons for enjoyment-conclusion


My Locality at Dawn

I live in a village. There is no doubt that the natural beauty of a village is splendid. Moreover, the beauty of the early morning in a village is indescribable. Then the sky remains clear and cloudless, a cool breeze blows. The nature all around remain silent The nature all around remains silent, only the chirpings of the birds is heard. open meadows, vast paddy fields, green vegetables, blossoming flowers look bright in the smokeless air. Then the scenery of our locality is really charming. This beauty inspires us for the work of our whole day. At that time I feel a peace of mind. I love to enjoy the early morning beauty of my locality.

the price of bananas extra questions and answers

1. How did the whole amusing episode end?
Ans: The whole amusing episode ended in a bitter sense of grievance against the rich businessman who was very cruel towards the poor vendor.

2. What did the monkey do after accepting the fruit vendor’s bargain?
Ans: After accepting the fruit vendor’s bargain the monkey took over the bananas with his right hand and released the embroidered cap with its left hand.

3. Why was there a great deal of amusement?
Ans: There was great deal as the monkey snatched away the loincloth of a pious person who was talking a bath under the pump.

4. How did the businessman react when the monkey took away his embroidered cap?
Ans: The businessman shouted in utter confusion. His round and smug face were covered with perspiration. He ran towards the tree over the pump and stood threatening the monkey.

5. How did the narrator make fun out of the businessman?
Ans: The narrator drew a cartoon of the businessman and showed his drawing to all the other passengers except him. Thus they laughed and the businessman became uncomfortable.

6. How did the Sethji justify himself?
Ans: The Sethji justified himself by saying that if he did not want to help him to get his cap back, he should not have offered the monkey the bananas.

7. How did Sethji behave with the fruit vendor?
Ans: The fruit vendor demanded two annas from Sethji but he offered him only an anna. The vendor had refused to take an anna, the Sethi threw it on the platform rudely.

8. When did the narrator arrive at Faizabad Railway station?
Ans: Why did the monkeys descend now and then on the platform of the railway station?

9. By which incident was the narrator struck?
Ans: What happened when the businessman stood threatening and shouting at the monkey?

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