(PDF) Mild the Mist upon the Hill Question Answer Class 9

mild the mist upon the hill question answer : Emily Jane Bronte (1818 -1848) was an English poet and novelist, best remembered for her only novel, Wuthering Heights, long considered a classic of English literature.

In this poem the blue mist that surrounds the distant mountains reminds the poet of the happy days of youth and childhood that she has left behind. As she describes the landscape, she shifts from the present moment to the past, and then to the present again.

mild the mist upon the hill question answer

Exercise 1 : Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives
1) The mist was upon the
a) grass
b) roof
c) hill
d) leaf
Answer: See the answer sheet below

2) The sorrow of the day is described as
a) silent
b) terrible
c) overwhelming
d) little
Answer: See the answer sheet below

3) The hall door mentioned in the poem is
a) new
b) large
c) broken
d) old
Answer: See the answer sheet below

4) The poet watches the cloudy
a) morning
b) evening
c) afternoon
d) night
Answer: See the answer sheet below

5) The colour of the mist is
a) grey
b) white
c) yellow
d) blue
Answer: See the answer sheet below

6) The damp stands on the
a) wall
b) floor
c) bush
d) grass
Answer: See the answer sheet below

Exercise 2 : Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:
1) Where does the poet see herself when she thinks of her childhood?
Answer: The poet sees herself in her father’s house near the old hall door.

2) What did the poet watch on the ‘cloudy evening’?
Answer: Poet watched the blue and sweet mists gathering on the horizon of the mountain chain on the ‘cloudy evening’.

Exercise 3 : Identify the following sentences as simple, compound, and complex:
(i) He is too short to climb the wall.
Answer: Simple

(ii) The sky was blue and sun shone bright.
Answer: Compound

(iii) The old man who lived a village believed that the earth was flat.
Answer: Complex

(iv) Leaving a job midway is not a good practice.
Answer: Simple

(v) Last week I met a friend who gave me a bag which is brown in colour.
Answer: Complex

Exercise 4 : Do as directed:
(i) The question was so easy that everyone could answer it. (Change into a simple sentence)
Answer: The question was so easy for everyone to answer it.
Or, Everyone could answer the easy question.

(ii) A friend in need is a friend indeed. (Change into a complex sentence)
Answer: A friend who is in need is the friend indeed.

(iii) Pollution is one of the most severe threats to our beautiful planet. (Change into a compound sentence)
Answer: Our planet is beautiful but pollution is one of the most severe threats to it.

(iv) Do or die. (change into a complex sentence)
Answer: Unless you do, you will die.
Or, If you don’t do, you will die.

(v) He was confused and stopped working. (Change into a simple sentence)
Answer: Being confused he stopped working.
Or, He stopped working in confusion.

Exercise 5 : Write a letter within 100 words to the Headmaster/Headmistress of your school seeking leave of two days for the purpose of attending the marriage ceremony of your elder sister.

The Headmaster
Chhabghati K.D Vidyalaya
Sub: Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

Respected Sir,
I am Muskan Khatun, student of class IX, Section A. With due respect I would like to inform you that my elder sister’s marriage has been fixed and the marriage ceremony is going to be held in next week at our house. In this regard I need a leave of two days for the purpose for making necessary arrangements and attending the wedding functions.

I shall be very obliged to you if you grant my requested leave.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Muskan Khatun
Class – IX,
Roll – 10,
Sec – A

Exercise 6 : Suppose you had bought a book from a bookstore. By mistake you left it there instead of bringing it back with you. Providing details of the book and its author, write a letter within 100 words to the owner of the store to find the book and keep it until come to collect it.

The Owner
Vidyasagar Book Stall
5/A, College Street
Kolkata – 700 056
Sub: A book mistakenly left after its purchase

With due respect I, the undersigned want to inform you that yesterday I purchased a book from your bookstore entitled “Journey to the centre of the Earth” written by Jules Verne at about 6 p.m. It is the new edition of this year. It has a blue cover, containing 183 pages. After paying the bill, I left it at your counter in absent minded. The loss of the book has caused me a great deal of anxiety.

So I, therefore, request you to be kind enough to find the book and keep it with you untill I come to collect it.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Muskan Khatun

mild the mist upon the hill extra question answer

1. Why does the poet feel like a child once more?
Ans : Seeing the mist upon the hill, the poet remembers the days of her youth. This is how the surrounding nature makes her feel like a child again.

2. Why did, the poet describe her father’s roof as ‘sheltering?
Ans: In this poem, Emily Bronte remembers the happy days of her childhood, that she has left behind. As a child she used to live in her father’s house under the guidance of her father. Now she longs for that love and security. So, she described her father’s roof as sheltering.

3. “And near the old hall door’ – Which Hall door is mentioned and why?
Ans: The mist upon the hill reminds the poet of her childhood days. So, she remembers her father’s house and their old hall door where she spent her childhood.

4. Why does the poet describe the evening as ‘cloudy?
Ans: It has rained a lot throughout the day. Though the rain has stopped now, the sky is still cloudy. So, the poet describes the evening as ‘cloudy’.

5. Describe the landscape as the poet watched on a cloudy evening.
Ans: On a cloudy evening, the poet watched and enjoyed the surrounding landscape. She watched blue and sweet mist covered up the horizon’s mountain-chain that brought the memories of her past days.

6. What is compared to morning’s tears’ and why?
Ans: After a whole day of raining, damp stands on the long, green grass. Emily Bronte compared the damp with the morning’s tears.

7. Why is the passing fragrance described as dreamy?
Ans: The passing fragrance reminds the poet of her childhood days. It evokes her imagination, and she thinks about the happy days of her childhood. So, the fragrance is described as dreamy.

8. Explain the lines, “the day has wept its fill, spent its store of silent sorrow”.
Ans: Through these lines, the poet wants to express that, it has rained heavily throughout the day, and he spent all its silent sorrow. Here weeping means raining.

9. Quote two lines from the poem to show that the poet is remembering her childhood.
Ans: In this poem the poet remembers the days of her childhood. The first two lines of second stanza show this:
“Oh, I’m gone back to the days of youth,
I am a child once more;”

10. What is the ‘Mist upon the hill’ indicting?
Ans : In Emily Bronte’s poem, ‘Mild the mist upon the hill’, the poet described the mist as mild. The mild mist was indicating that there would be no storm next day.

11. How did the poet describe damp on the grass?
Ans : The poet described the damp on the grass as thick as morning’s tears.

13. How was the scent of the passing fragrance?
Ans : The scent of the passing fragrance was dreamy.

14. What does the passing fragrance bring into the poet’s mind?
Ans : The passing fragrance brings the memory of childhood into the poet’s mind.

15. What does the phrase ‘other years’ mean?
Ans : The phrase other years’ means the past days of poet’s childhood.

16. Who is the speaker in this poem?
Ans : The poet Emily Jane Bronte herself is the speaker in this poem.

17. When does the poet go back to his childhood or youthful days?
Ans : The poet goes back to her childhood and youthful days to see the mild mist covering the hill.

18. Why does the sky become cloudy in the evening?
Ans : The sky becomes cloudy in the evening because it has rained throughout the day and there is little rain in the cloud.

19. What do ‘thick morning’s tears’ refer to?
Ans : Thick morning’s tears refer to the thick dew drops of the morning hours that stand on the tip of long grass blades.

20. Explain the lines, “dreamy scents of fragrance pass / That breathe of other years.”
Or, What is the mood of the post in this poem?
Ans : As the poet watches the landscape, the mist surrounding the hill reminds her the happiness of her childhood. She feels nostalgic as she remembers the past years, that she has left behind.

Answer Sheet

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