(PDF) All Summer in a Day Questions and Answers

all summer in a day questions and answers : Ray Douglas Bradbury (1920 -2012) was one of the most celebrated American fiction writers of the twentieth century. He wrote science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery stories. His most famous stories are Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man and It Came from Outer Space. Many of his works have been adapted into comic books, television shows and films.

This text is an excerpt from a science fiction which gives us an imaginary account of life on the planet Venus. It touchingly narrates the keen expectations of the children of Venus who eagerly wait for the sun to appear after seven years, but only for an hour. The deviation of the text from what we know as scientific fact only adds to the imaginative element of the tale.

all summer in a day questions and answers

Exercise 1 : Tick the correct answer from the given alternatives:
1. Men and women came from the Earth to Venus by
(a) aeroplanes
(b) helicopters
(c) rockets
(d) satellites
Ans: See answer sheet below

2. The children learned that the sun was like a/an-
(a) lemon
(b) apple
(c) orange
(d) guava
Ans: See answer sheet below

3. The children had long forgotten the colour of the
(a) Earth
(b) Sun
(c) Venus
(d) Moon
Ans: See answer sheet below

4. When the children felt warm in the sun, they took off their
(a) jackets
(b) sweaters
(c) blazers
(d) coats
Ans: See answer sheet below

5. The children came to know that the sun would come out after
(a) two years
(b) six years
(c) seven years
(d) nine years
Ans: See answer sheet below

Exercise 2 : Answer the following questions within fifteen words:
(a) How did the heavy storms affect the islands of Venus?
Ans : Heavy storms caused tidal waves to come over the islands and crushed the forests.

(b) What did the children write about the sun?
Ans : The children wrote short stories, essays, or poems about the sun.

(c) Where did the children play?
Ans : The children played in the echoing tunnels of the underground city.

(d) How did the jungle in Venus’s look?
Ans : The jungle was ever increasing, and it had the colour of rubber, ash and ink.

Exercise 3 : Answer the following questions within twenty-five words:
(a) Why were the children eager to see the sun?
Ans : The children were eager to see the sun because they were too young to recall when the sun la came out and how it really was.

(b) What did the children do immediately after the rain stopped?
Ans : Immediately after the rain stopped the silence was immense and the children put their hands to their ears, and they stood apart.

(c) Why do you think that the children were feeling unhappy when it started raining again?
Ans : The children were feeling unhappy because they would have to wait for a long period of seven years to see the beauty of the sun again.

Exercise : Do as directed:
(a) I have a blue pen.(Change into a complex sentence)
Ans : I have a pen which is blue.

(b) Seeing a snake, the boy shouted. (Change into a compound sentence)
Ans : The boy saw the snake and ran away.

(c) I know a man who is very wise.(Change into a simple sentence)
Ans : I know a wise man.

(d) The girl who is dancing on the stage is my sister.(Change into a compound sentence)
Ans : The girl is dancing in the stage, and she is my sister.

(e) I met my friend and told her about an incident. (Change into a simple sentence)
Ans : I met my friend to tell her about an accident.

(f) The sky was overcast but it didn’t rain. (Change into a complex sentence)
Ans : Though the sky was overcast, it didn’t rain.

Exercise 6 : Write a letter within 100 words to the postmaster of your locality informing him about the loss of an important letter addressed to you and requesting him to help you get it.

The Postmaster
Bagnan Post Office
Bagnan, Howrah, 711303.
Sub : Loss of Letter

I would like to inform that the office of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Deptt. of Health, Govt. of West Bengal sent me my pension letter to my address as noted below about twenty days ago. I have come to know of it from the office of CMOH. The letter is very important to me because I will have to proceed with it for my monthly pension.
I would, therefore, request you earnestly to trace out my letter and deliver it directly to me at the below address.

This is very urgent.
Thanking you.
Yours Sincerely,
Nisha Paria
Nisha Paria
C/O Suresh Paria, Bagnan, Howrah, 711303.

all summer in a day extra question to practice

1. Based on your understanding of the story, answer the following questions in a sentence or two.
a) What do children get ready for at the beginning of the story?
Ans: At the beginning of the story, Children get ready for a look at the sun.

b) How is life in the planet Venus described?
Ans: The planet is covered with thick jungles and unruly weeds, perpetually caught in a cycle of growth and destruction. Humans live underground in a network of tunnels, eagerly awaiting the very brief summer.

c) Who is Margot? How is she different from the rest of the children?
Ans: Margot is one of the students of a school in the planet Venus. Unlike most of the children, she has arrived from earth recently.

d) What does Margot like the most – the sun or the rain?
Ans: Margot likes the sun the most.

e) What was Margot waiting for? Why did William say that it was a joke?
Ans: Margot was waiting for seeing the sun. Because the scientists had predicted that on that particular day the sun would shine for a short while. William did not want her to see the sun. He said that it was a joke.

f) Why does Margot wish to return to the earth?
Ans: Margot does not like rain. She remembers the warmth and brightness of the sun on Earth where it could be seen every day. So she wishes to return to earth.

g) Why did the children lock Margot in a closet?
Ans: The sun would shine after seven years. The children knew Margot loved the sun and had waited to see it. As they hated her, they did not want her to see the sun. So they locked her in the closet.

h) Margot could recall what the sun looked like while the other children could not. Why?
Ans: The other children were unable to remember the sun. They had seen the sun seven years ago, when they were two years old. So they could not recall the sun. Unlike most of the children, Margot has arrived from earth more recently. So she knew about the sun very well.

i) How long did the Sun shine on Venus?
Ans: The sun shone every seven years for just two hours on Venus.

j) Why did one of the girls wail?
Ans: As the girl saw a rain drop at her palm, she knew it was going to rain and the sun was going to vanish. So she wailed.

2. Based on your understanding of the story, answer the following in three or four sentences.
a) What is the significance of the particular day described in the story “All summer in a day”?
Ans: There is no sun for the past seven years in the planet Venus. The scientists had predicted that on that particular day the sun would shine for a short while.

b) What happens to Margot while the teacher is out of the classroom?
Ans: One boy begins to yell at Margot on the day that the sun comes out. The other children joined with him and teased Margot. Then they pushed Margot into a closet and locked her inside.

c) How did Margot describe the sun to others?
Ans: She had written that the sun was like a flower that bloomed only for an hour. And also she described the sun as a penny or a fire in the stove.

d) How did the children react when the sun came out after seven years?
Ans: When the sun came out, the children were ecstatic. They squinted at the sun. They removed their jackets to feel the rays upon their arms. They ran among the trees. They slipped and fell. They pushed each other. They played hide-and-seek and tag. They ran for an hour and did not stop running.

e) Why did William and the other children bully Margot?
Ans: The children in Margot’s class bullied her because they were envious of her knowledge and memory of the sun. For the other children, the biggest crime of Margot was that she remembered many things about the sun. They were angered by her descriptions of the sun.

f) What were their feelings towards Margot at the end of the story?
Ans: The kids knew that they had done something wrong to Margot. They proceeded very slowly when freeing Margot. It suggested that they knew what they were wrong. They were not happy, joyful, skipping, or shouting because of a fun day in the sun. The moment was diminished because of their hateful actions toward their class mate.

g) What does the title of the story convey?
Ans: The story “All Summer in a Day” is set on the planet Venus. It is a rainy planet, and the sun only comes out for only one day every seven years. Here summer is a symbol of hot emotions. The kids reveal their hot emotions to their classmate on the day. And also summer in the planet Venus is only one day. Thus the title conveys both the season and the mindset of the kids.

Answer Sheet

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