Our Runaway Kite Question and Answers (PDF)

our runaway kite question and answers : Lucy Maud Montgomery(1874-1942) was a Canadian author best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables. She wrote numerous novels, poems and short stories. She was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1935.

This short story is about a brother and a sister living on an isolated island with their father, who, through a series of incidents, get reunited with their long-lost relatives. It is a touching tale that underlines the value of relationships.

our runaway kite question and answers


1. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:
a) The keeper of the Big Half Moon Lighthouse is
i) Aunt Ester
ii) Father
iii) Claude
iv) Dick

b) The family moved over to the mainland in
i) summer
ii) spring
iii) monsoon
iv) winter

c) When asked about relations, Father looked
i) happy
ii) angry
iii) sorrowful
iv) irritated

2. Fill in the chart with information from the text.

a) name of the island Big Half Moon
b) age of Claude Eleven years
c) the game played by Claude and the narrator Pirate caves

3. State whether the following sentences are True or False. Provide sentences phrases / words in support of your answer.
i) People felt that Claude and the narrator were lonesome
Ans : True. – “They said we must be lonesome over there, with no other children near us.”

ii) Claude and the narrator quarrelled
Ans : False. – “Claude and I never quarreled”

iii) Nobody on the mainland had relations
Ans : False. – “Everybody on the mainland had relations”


4. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:
a) In summer the Big Half Moon is always
i) lovely
ii) unpleasant
iii) boring
iv) dull

b) Back on the island, Claude and the narrator made plenty of
i) puppets
ii) masks
iii) kites
iv) envelopes

c) the kite was patched with a
i) newspaper
ii) letter
iii) envelope
iv) card

6. Complete the following sentences with information from the text:
i) A boy on the mainland showed Claude how to make kites.
ii) On the kite Claude pasted gold tinsel stars all over it and had written their names on it.
iii)     Claude was standing with a bit of cord of the sailed away kite in his hand, looking foolish.

6. Fill in the chart with information from the text.

Statement Reason
a) The narrator’s elbow went through the kite. When she was bringing the kite from the house, she tripped and fell over the rocks.
b) Claude and the narrator hurried to fix the kite. They wanted to send the kite up before the wind had finished.
c) The kite soared. The wind was glorious


7. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:
a) A letter came for father after a
i) day
ii) week
iii) fortnight
iv) month

b) Father left home after quarrelling with his
i) brother
ii) sister
iii) aunt
iv) uncle

c) Dick and Mimi discovered the kite on the top of a
i) roof
ii) tree
iii) lighthouse
iv) light post

8. Fill in the chart with information from the text.

a) Person who sent the letter Aunt Esther
b) name of Aunt Esther’s mother


c) the total number of family members in the narrator’s family at present Five

9. Answer the following questions:
a) What did father find when he went back home years afterwards?
Ans : When he went back home years afterwards he found his brother had passed away and he couldn’t find his sister.

b) Where did Aunt Esther live?
Ans : Aunt Esther lived hundred of miles away in Inland.

c) Why did Aunt Esther turn pale?
Ans : Aunt Esther turned pale and surprised when he found the kite patched with the same letter she had written to her brother earlier.

Grammar in use

10. Change the following sentences into questions, as directed:
a) Shankha lives in Alipurduar. (Information question using ‘where’)
Ans : Where does Shankha live?

b) They have gone to a picnic. (Interrogative sentence using ‘have’)
Ans : Have they gone to a picnic?

c) I went to school yesterday. (Simple question using ‘did’)
Ans : Did I go to school yesterday?

d) Tia studies in class x (Information question using ‘which’)
Ans : Which class does Tia study in?

Extra questions to practice

1. Who is the narrator of the above passage?
Ans : The narrator is Philippa, an eleven-year-old girl.

2. What was the narrator’s father?
Ans : The narrator’s father was the keeper of the Big Half Moon lighthouse.

3. How old was the narrator?
Ans : She was eleven years old.

4. How old was Claude?
Ans : Claude was twelve years old.

5. Why did Claude and the narrator quarrel with the mainland children in winter?
Ans : The more is the number of companions, the greater is the chance to have a quarrel. In winter in the mainland Philippa and Claude had more companions to quarrel with. So they fulfilled their urge to quarrel there.

6. What is the relationship between Claude and the narrator?
Ans : Claude is the elder brother of the narrator.

7. What did the narrator and Claude once ask their father?
Ans : They asked their father why they did not have any relations.

8. What did their father reply to their question?
Ans : Their father said it was because of his fault.

9. Why did the narrator and Claude repent for asking their father about their relations?
Ans : The question made Father so sorrowful that they repented for it.

Unit-2 (Extra Question)

1. How was the kite torn?
Ans : Philippa was bringing the kite from the house. She then tripped and fell over the rock. Her elbow went clear through the kite. As a result, the kite was torn.

2. Describe the beauty of the harbour in summer.
Ans : In summer the harbour looks lovely. When it is fine, the harbour is blue and calm, with little wind and ripples.

3. Describe the kite made by the narrator and Claude.
Ans : It was a big red kite. The narrator and Claude pasted gold tinsel stars all over it. They wrote their full names on it.

4. What made the narrator and Claude crazy about flying kites in summer?
Ans : Claude learnt how to make a kite from a boy on the mainland. Then he and the narrator started making plenty of kites. Every summer they cultivated some hobby. This time it was kite-flying.

5. Why did Claude and Philippa hurry to fix the kite?
Ans : A wind favourable for kite-flying started blowing. It could fall at any time. Claude and Philippa wanted to send up the kite before it fell. So, they hurried to fix the kite.

6. What happened to the kite when the bit of cord snapped?
Ans : The kite was soaring. At that time the cord snapped. So, the kite went out of control. Claude could not fly it anymore. It then sailed over to the mainland.

7. How did the narrator and her brother mend the kite?
Ans : Philippa, the narrator and her brother, Claude patched the kite up with an old letter. They pasted a sheet on each side. Then they dried the kite by the fire.

Unit-3 (Extra Question)

1. Why had Father left home?
Ans : Father had quarrelled with his brother and left home.

2. When did Father go back home and why?
Ans : After many years Father felt sorry and went back home.

3. What did Father find when he went back home?
Ans : Father found his brother had died and his sister had been missing.

4. “She knew who we must be.”-How could she know it?
Ans : On the kite Aunt Esther found two things. The kite was patched with her letter to the brother. Names of her parents were written on it. From these two clues she knew it.

5. “It is all on account of the kite that there were more of us.”-Why does Philippa say this?
Ans : From the snapped kite only Aunt Esther could trace the address of her estranged brother. She wrote to him, Receiving the letter Father went and brought Aunt Esther with her children to live with his family.

6. Where did Aunt Esther live?
Ans : Aunt Esther lived hundreds of miles inland.

7. Where did Dick and Mimi find the kite?
Ans : They found the kite on the top of a tree in the woods.

8. When did Father receive the letter from Aunt Esther?
Ans : A month after the kite-snapping episode Father received the letter.

9. What was Father’s reaction after reading Aunt Esther’s letter?
Ans : Father’s eyes looked moist as if he was crying.

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